Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Link Soup: Writing Tidbits

Lately I've been lucky enough to come across exactly the article I needed, at exactly the right moment. (I love it when that happens!) These have helped me kick start my creativity (and my motivation) again - I hope they're helpful to you, too.
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The Crushing Weight of Expectations ~ Writer Unboxed
Essential reading for every writer! It's easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of Writing Do's and Don't's - and that's not to mention the added factors of Market Yourself and Social Media Presence! The end result, for me, is not writing at all. Which is of course not terribly productive. So this article was a much-needed reminder that creativity for creativity's sake is never a bad thing.

Writer's Block? Use a Random Generator ~ Jami Gold
This article is so chock-full of shiny links that there's literally something for everyone. Pantsers, outliners, broad-stroke types and detail-oriented nitpickers (guilty!) - no one should be left out. Sometimes it just takes one little idea spark to kick the flames back to life.

I Have an Idea. Kinda ~ Janice Hardy
This article could have been written solely for me. I always start with a premise or vague idea snippet, and my personal challenge is creating a plot. This must-read from Janice Hardy gives many different ways to flesh out the beginning of an idea.

Setting the Scene: Weather ~ Fantasy Faction
I confess, I'm a weather nerd. I find it strangely fascinating. Perhaps because I live in Arizona, where it's common to have several conflicting weather phenomena happening simultaneously. It's also a strong, effective tool in the writing toolbox. It can ground a scene, set the locale, and convey mood and atmosphere like nothing else. This excellent article touches on all of the above and more.

10 Traits of a Strong Antagonist ~ Janice Hardy
Who doesn't love a good villain? Sometimes they can be more compelling than the heroes - just look at the amount of Loki fan art on places like DeviantArt. Sorry, Thor. Anyway, Janice Hardy has a fabulous breakdown of what makes those love-to-hate characters so rootable.

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