An exploration of love, loss and hope in a far-flung future ~ a sci-fi romance novella

cover art by Diogo Lando

English fairy tales meet Bollywood in this sci-fi retelling of Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince"

Dev is a soldier, come to Ghosttown to drown his sorrows for one night before deploying to a war zone across the galaxy. He didn't expect to meet Rishi, a fugitive with a shadowy past, or get drawn into a whirlwind of colorful festivals and even more colorful strangers, of mysterious gemstones and missing princes. And his last night in Ghosttown will leave him forever changed…

originally published May 2014 by the now-defunct Eggplant Productions
* * *


"A soldier on a distant planet despairing of endless war, a city of lost souls, and a mysterious man all combine to make Last Night in Ghosttown, Kathryn McKade’s sci-fi romance, into a moving tale of unexpected love and uncommon generosity. An exciting debut from an author to watch."
Kris Neri, author of Magical Alienation

"Like a burst of fireworks in an otherwise black and bleak sky, Last Night in Ghosttown illuminate a path of hope, giving and love in the most desperate of places."
Claire Gillian, author of The P.U.R.E. and Relative

"Kathryn McKade’s sci-fi romance Last Night in Ghosttown manages to combine a dazzling future with true human emotion. Ghosttown isn’t just a place you read about- you taste, hear, smell, and feel it long after you put the book down. And by your side on the journey are Dev and Rishi, two interesting, conflicted characters struggling to do good in a world set against it.  Last Night in Ghosttown manages to enchant you even when it’s breaking your heart."
Shannon Fay, winner of the 2012 James White Award

"I didn't want this tale to end. The worldbuilding was so thorough that I almost felt as if I were watching it unfold in real time instead of reading about it… At times this almost seemed like a biography instead of a work of fiction… Last Night in Ghosttown was such an enthralling read that I finished it in one sitting."
Long and Short Reviews ~ read the full 4.5 star review here

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Curious? Here's a peek:
Ghosttown: slum, theme park, and holy city all in one. The last place in the galaxy I should’ve been. I was due onbase today--a flashing notice in the bottom left corner of my vision told me so, like I could forget it--and I could still make a transpod back if I hauled ass. If my CO and the other brass decided I’d gone AWOL, they’d hunt me down and have this new arm off me before I could blink.
Turn back now. Only smart thing to do. Instead, I stepped into Ghosttown.

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