Saturday, May 3, 2014

Link Soup: Blogging Edition

Like every other writer on the internets, I struggle with balancing time between writing and this whole online presence we're supposed to have. Here are some really helpful articles for social media newbies such as myself:

How to Write Blog Content ~ Anne R. Allen
Nine steps for a more interesting blog. I've bookmarked this one, and will be referring back to it. Frequently.

Ways Authors Waste Time "Building Platform" on Social Media ~ Anne R. Allen
#5 alone made me love this article - I'm a slow writer (for both fiction and blog posts). And I'm all for quality over quantity.

Writing Tools ~ Writers Helping Writers
An array of excellent articles on everything from character development to social media.

How to Keep Up Online Without Losing Your Mind ~ Kate Hart
Good advice for how not to lose your mind (or your writing time!)

Seems like, in the end, it comes down to this: write. Tweet or blog when you can. And then keep writing.

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